Matthew Lusk, Ryan Michael Pfeiffer & Rebecca Walz
June 20 - July 11, 2015

There’s a streak of yellow between those hills, but best leave your pick and pan at home.

The alchemist’s pursuit was lost when those witchdoctors, the “economist,” turned paper into riches. Excavating ancient texts, Ryan Michael Pfeiffer & Rebecca Walz are reviving the guild. Their laboratory, the perineum, lies between drapery cloaking the universe and the depths of hell. Gods, goddesses, and gonads have all lost their boundaries. It’s a calculated orgy of fertility and power. Rebis rules and no one can get Silenus to leave.

Shimmering clumps of metal drive people mad. We’re simpler than a murder of crows. Tell us there are riches on the ground and we’ll endlessly bend over to pick them up. Some 300,000 prospectors rushed to California in 7 years and the only folks who got flush were the already wealthy merchants. Turns out prone is the American dream. Matthew Lusk’s sculptures are built on mining the satire of Americana in pocket cartoons. It’s a sad state of affairs we’ve been sold but at least we can chuckle at ourselves. The value of a nugget is measured in how long it fills the cavity in your tooth. Rue the day you ask your wife to suck it out to feed your family.