My sculptures begin with simple stories. The specificity of those personal anecdotes is then removed incrementally, almost to abstraction. The processes I employ are rooted in 1970s craft traditions: rug hooking, crochet, wood burning and wood carving. My intentions are earnest but not nostalgic. I aim to honor my influences while also questioning the normative images they bequeath. Humor is intentional but I avoid punchlines.

The source materials I reference retain their individual histories as they are remade and reused. A soda can that becomes a barrette is still a soda can. When the barrette also becomes a sequin it is still a soda can. The layers build. Scorching wood fundamentally changes its properties but the meaning of the word read in the scorch marks constantly shifts. Absolutes are improbable. Nothing is forever.

We are caught by our histories, the values we were raised with, our class, our capacity for knowledge. Antiquated images persist. Ideas rendered useless by time remain as flawed foundations. In my work they become advertisements burned in plywood, a beer can venetian blind, rugs buried in rugs. Well-crafted things that are useful outside of an art context, but exceptionally more complex within. Practical, tangible idioms.


I'm a Chicago artist, curator, and gallery director. My artwork has been presented in parking lots, former mortuaries, museums, corporate lobbies, malls, galleries, homes, abandoned lots, faculty offices, and the windows of Tiffany's. As co-director of Slow I run an in/dependent gallery in the bathroom (Loo), brew curated beers (SmAB), and give tours of artwork under hotel beds at art fairs.


MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
BA, California State University, San Bernardino, CA



  • Later, capitalism (with Laura Davis), BAR4000, Chicago IL
  • Public School, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago IL


  • Post Orientation (with Judith Brotman), Daly 208 Projects, Chestertown MD


  • HAUNT, Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, San Bernardino CA



  • A Better Tomorrowland, SideCar, Hammond IN


  • Preview 7: The whole is always smaller than its parts, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago IL
  • This too shall pass. So be it., Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York NY


  • Snuff, Slow, Chicago IL
  • bring out your dead, Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago IL


  • Burn it Down, Heaven, Chicago IL
  • The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show 2014, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Bloomington IN


  • Wood Works, Averill and Bernard Leviton, A+D Gallery, Chicago IL


  • Evil Is Interesting, Antena, Chicago IL
  • B.A.D. Beverly Arts Center, Chicago IL


  • The (Un)Timely Death of Multiculturalism, Five Funerals Projects, Charnel House, Chicago IL
  • The Low down, Slow, Chicago IL
  • GOFFO, NEXT, Chicago IL
  • MDW Fair, Chicago IL
  • Food & Performance, Defibrillator, Chicago IL
  • SEXIER, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago IL


  • Booze and Bacon, Slow, Chicago IL


  • GroupSOLO, Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago IL
  • If minimalism is pure, this is almost nothing included in Paul WHO? Slow, Chicago IL


  • The Sparky Show, Schroeder Romero/Winkleman Gallery Project Space, New York NY
  • 29 by 92, Jacobs Center, Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts, Alta Loma CA


  • Politic of a Moment, Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL
  • Everybody Paints! Parlour, Chicago IL
  • Coming Home, Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, San Bernardino CA


  • Not of Iron, Illinois State Museum, Southern Illinois Artisans Shop & Visitor Center, Whittington IL
  • Not of Iron, Illinois State Museum, Lockport Gallery, Lockport IL


  • Burlesque Tartare: The Last Tartare, Hot House, Chicago IL
  • 9th Annual University Art Exhibition: Recent Alumni from SAIC, Northern Indiana Arts Association, Munster IN
  • Not of Iron, Illinois State Museum Society, Springfield IL


  • Not of Iron, Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, Chicago IL
  • Thrill II, Joymore Gallery, Chicago IL


  • The First Annual Parking Lot Biennale, Chicago IL
  • The Arcades Project: Assimilation, Disappearance, and the Mall, Borkholder Dutch Village, Nappanee IN


  • Find, MN Gallery, Chicago IL
  • 401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL
  • ArtWindows2000, Tiffany & Co, Chicago IL


2017-2018 BOLT Artist-in-Residence, Chicago Artists Coalition



  • You Can't Do That Shit on Television, Katy Collins & Vanessa Valliere, Laura Davis, Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Brent Garbowski, Jessica Hannah, John Henley, International Chefs of Mystery, Dylan Jones, Catie Olson, Julie Potratz, Leone Reeves, Kate Sierzputowski, Molly Shea, Ellis Von Sternberg, Loo, Chicago IL


  • CARCASS: Nothing is Ending, Nothing can Change (a slight return), Academy Records, Loo, Chicago IL
  • SPF 666, Dylan Jones & Molly Shea, co-curation with Paul Hopkin, Slow, Chicago IL


  • Losing My Shit, Katy Carolina Collins & Stephnie Weir, Loo, Chicago IL
  • GILDED PROSCENIUM, Matthew Lusk, Ryan Michael Pfeiffer & Rebecca Walz, co-curation with Paul Hopkin, Slow, Chicago IL
  • Pure Fume, Jessica Hannah, Loo, Chicago IL



  • FREE LOVE, Mican Morgan & Porous Walker, Slow, Chicago IL


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